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Glitter Tattoos

Beautiful colourful designs using one-use stencils or fantastic freehand with high quality, cosmetic-grade glitters. Ideal for older children or adults and last for around 3 days.

Face Painting Workshops

Got a group or organisation that would like to learn to face paint? Make it easy, with one of our workshops. We can come to you, to teach you the basics and a few designs. Let us show you the magic of painting.

Pregnant Tummy Painting

Pregnant Tummy painting is fun, and is best done when at its’ biggest, about 8 months! A very specialist service on a commission basis – you can give us an idea for the design you would like, to create a unique and beautiful way to remember your pregnancy. Professional photos can also be arranged for you.

Mini Manicures

Looking for something different at a corporate event or get together? Let us come along and pamper your guests with a hand massage or mini manicure. We can do nail art or French manicures for the ultimate treat!


For older children and adults, we offer fabulous henna designs. Trained by the well respected henna artist ‘Riffat’, our henna artist can create designs that will last 7-10 days. The henna mix is handmade to ensure quality of the product.

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